Fainting Goat News May 2018

lots of kids 


Welcome to the May edition of the Fainting  Goat News

I hope 2018 has been a good year for everyone so far! 2017 was super busy for me and I got WAY behind.

I started a new full time job last year that has taken way too much of my personal time as well. Things are slowly getting back to normal again! I have decided to continue the Fainting Goat News On-Line Magazine but it will have a different look. It will be more streamlined and to the point.











Advertise your farm or ranch by placing your business card in our magazine! Prices are reasonable. Let buyers know what you have to offer! $15.00 will buy you a full year of advertisement.

Fainting Goat News will take the following types of payments: PayPal, cash, checks (must clear before the ad is ran), money orders, and cashiers checks.