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The American Fainting Goat Organization is striving to preserve the true heritage breed. This year we will be reviewing lots of things to ensure we are doing the very best for the breed and not just following trends!

As far as a registry; you have to decide that by looking at your herd, decide which direction you want your herd to go.


1. Pedigree International is where most of the TexMasters are registered. They do not require the goats to faint.

2. The International Fainting Goat Association registers Fainting Goats. Their goats must faint. They require a down picture on those goats that are not Premium.

3. The Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Registry strives for good hair coats along with conformation, however they don’t require them to faint. They can also be a mixed breed.

4. The Myotonic Goat Registry is like their name says; they register the bigger goats but also the Heritage goats too. They do not require any goat to faint. It only needs to show characteristics of the breed. Not sure how that works since fainting is their biggest and most known characteristic.

5. The American Fainting Goat Organization or AFGO only registers goats that faint and match the standard. Their goats are required to faint.

If you want to preserve the Heritage style goat; my answer would be AFGO.  They are actively taken steps to ensure the breed remains the same. They evaluate every goat prior to registering and if the offspring of a registered goat doesn’t match the standard it is not allowed to be registered. Yes that may be harsh but it is necessary for the future of the breed.

In July 2011 the American Fainting Goat Organization stepped up to offer a registry that will serve these old heritage bred. They are preserving the old linage. They insist that these old lines have value. The say that the old lines are what the Fainting Goat breed is, and has always been.

These old lines are a shorter goat. They are a stocky goat. They are a very hardy goat. They are great moms. They have very few kidding problems. They are excellent fainters! After all that’s what gave them their name. That is what made them so popular.

AFGO encourages breeders to breed toward the standard. They encourage them to maintain small old linage in their herds. You need some of the old linage in your herds!