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Great References and Resource materials can be found on this page! Let us know of the books you like and use.

This is a great childrens book written by Lee Ann Fosdick & Christinea M. Cassidy

Julia Ann

A Book on the History and Future of the Breed.Can be purchased at Amazon.





hx of FGB book

A Summary of the Fainting Goat History. Found at Amazon and other retailers.

A childs book about Fainting  Goats can be found at Amazon.







This is a great book. I have this one. Covers everything needed. Can be purchased through Amazon.







This is another very informative book that I personally keep for reference. Can be purchased through Amazon.






book 2

This is an easy to understand book. Lots of information. Great book for the beginner. I have this one too. Can also be found at Amazon.




Goats Produce Too! The Udder Real Thing, Vol. 2: Cheese Making & moreCan be found at Amazon

Product Details Found at Amazon






julies bookA Great book for kids. Full of lots of colored pictures. Found at Amazon and Barns & Noble.










goat school manual

Click the link below to order. Written by Jancie Spaolding

Meet Herbert and see how he over comes his fears.

herbert the fainting goat
This is a great video! Has several different songs that the goats dance and play to. You can purchase this great video at Amazon.

giggle with the goats vol 1










goat lady

The Goat Lady is a story about a ladies love for her goats.  Buy it at Amazon.









goat man

This man is a very unqiue individual that just happens to travel with his goats! Enjoy the book. Find it at Amazon.



A fun book for children. This is book 1 in the series. Meet Miracle the talking goat.


This is the second in the series. Learn who her best friend is!


Miracle and her sister Baby  learn a valuable lesson. Don’t miss the fun.